yu gi oh gx episode 81

Hassleberry : I knew that.
What follows is a list of the scores:.
Syrus : Well, he is the oldest living freshman.Jaden : Alright Ap, let's throw driver keyboard asus x401u down!Syrus : Troup Jaden!All right dudes, let's get funky with our bad selves!Bastion : Someone please come in!
Alright three men, a lady, and Syrus!
I assure you, it's nothing like that at all!
Episode 87 - Blinded By The Light (Part 1) edit Jaden : Wait, I'm confused.
Loser - Beck.
Zane : I activate.
A good duelist or not?
Monolith Theme (from 2001).Both Crowler and Bonaparte fall over Jaden : Am I right?She openly tells all the main characters that they are all just part of a fictional universe.Okay, I will use your Water Dragon!Episode 74 - Happily Never After edit Society of Light, except Sarina : (shouting) sarina!Syrua : Doesn't hurt to ask though.Episode 31 - Field of Screams (Part 1) edit Professor Crowler : You see, though it makes me slightly ill to admit it, jaden'S absolutely right!Chazz falls over Aster : Wow, so I guess it's true.Alexis : No, it's time for you to get a new line.How do I get a Maiden Counter?Yubel : Jaden, we're finally reunited!"Holy (bleep) on a (bleep) sandwich with (bleep) on top and a side helping of (bleep)!" Kemo announcing "Attention Duelists!Roboto - Styx.Syrus : She's pretty riled.