x toolkit intrinsics reference manual

You can think of it as a framework that Xt uses to implement a widget s features.
"These standard callback functions also set the calling widget (usually a Command widget) to insensitive mode.418 X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual menu bar File Edit View Options Help (Fl) Figure A-15.The pros are quite clear: a flexible examkrackers 1001 questions chemistry pdf application will meet the needs of a wider audience.Modeless pop up A modeless pop up is a pop-up widget that doesn t grab the pointer on a mouse but ton.It is important to know what each early class defines simply so that you know what characteristics are available in gadgets and which are available only in widgets.Maxsize : pixmap_width_in_pixels) ; window_height ( (pixmap_height_injpixels gt; maxsize)?
See Volume Four, X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual, for a more complete discussion of application-specific command-line arguments.
The RGB values can be changed dynamically.
Each time a window in this application is moved, Xt receives this information as an event and updates its knowledge of the position of each window.
The (fine) distinction between the terms obscures and occludes is that for obscures, the windows have to be mapped, while for occludes they don.If a user wants to specify the color of the button label for the application, he can use the following specification in a resource file: reground: blue The name is different from the variable name that is used to refer to the widget in application.Keyboard focus The keyboard focus is the window that receives main keyboard input.Appendix D: Naming Conventions 449 Truncated include file names Strip the lower case letters a word at a time until the basename is nine characters or fewer (but strip as few letters as possible from the initial word).In this case, it calls XtMake GeometryRequest itself, and handles the various returned values itself.The number of options in the above list - number and list of command-line arguments.For example, a method that draws in the window can get the window s dimensions directly from * These systems have a 14-character filename limit; the 12-character limit allows files to be placed under source con trol or compressed.The Form widget defines a number of constraint resources, which to the user appear to be resources of the child widgets managed by the Form.SimpleMenu: resize method static void Resize (w) Widget w; SimpleMenuWidget smw (SimpleMenuWidget ) w; MenuEntryOb ject * entry; if (!XtIsRealized(w) ) return; ForAllChildren (smw, entry) reset width of all entries.