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Road to Wrestlemania mode: Hereinafter the arcade pc game gta vice city Road to WrestleMania, as players participate in pre-scripted action on current WWE Superstar against the back side too.
Gang Up on the Human being in full effect is standard, but it gets taken Up to Eleven when even in the middle of a move during a triple threat or fatal four way your opponent will be attack: because the third or fourth man.You are given three options to choose from: "Shut Your Mouth!Subverted with Chris Jericho in 2011.The worst offender was Booker T in WWE '12 digimon world 3 iso psx and '13 who looked like a horse's ass.Especially amusing, as Mickie gets really annoyed.John Cena, and Goldberg.And then the credits roll.The changed compared to the previous iteration, in which the way for the player to a title match at a certain time, not only on pay-per- views.Games in this subseries: WWE '12 (2011) WWE '13 (2012) The WWE 2K series (2013- the result of THQ's bankruptcy and the pre-meditated selling of their WWE licence to Take-Two Interactive.
The Dev Team Thinks of Everything : If the commentators are actively involved in the match, they will comment on this fact.
This has carried over each year so that you virtually have to play each match like a pro wrestling event: take a beating and hope the game will let you catch up and use a comeback or special move to shift momentum, rather than actually.
Just Bring It was the first (And only) game in the series to allow 8 characters in the ring at any time.
Oh yeah, by being the Natalya to Trish Stratus.
You can create new attires and use different body templates for a few superstars.
Somewhat related, but apparently the UK is only made of England, Scotland and Ireland.Another cutscene in Shut Your Mouth has someone demanding the player come out, saying the show will not start until they come out.Loads and Loads of Loading : Mainly in 2010 's Create a Storyline mode, after each cutscene, there's a lot of loading.Artificial Stupidity : The AI, due to bad programming, will end up in a 1-vs-1 match with two AI's.The Computer Shall Taunt You : During Chris Jericho 's RtWM in the 2011 game, you have to wrestle a match with Triple H sitting in on commentary and continually talking about what a joke you are, providing incentive to go after him later.It was ridiculously cartoon-ish looking and since 95 of the women have oversized breast implants, their boobs shouldn't move that much and thus, was eventually scrapped, before being brought back in 2K15.If you choose to stick up for him, you will be rewarded with the right to replace the true mole (who ends up being Booker T keeping it 3.