vtx crack in motor mount

Both are money well spent Blurry action shot Don't know how I missed my mark as much as I did.
A setscrew holds it in position on farm accounting software programs the stepper end.I've included a shot of it along with my 1937 Rolleicord Ib, one of my many classic cameras.It may sound arrogant, but I think I'm getting there As I start on the leadscrew conversion, it probably should be noted that the stepper motor is already in place.#2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 The QC is 3/4 scale from an original set on my Drummond "M" type they are manufactured by KRF Omni-Post they work very well, and I had their permission, The Sensitive Knurling tool.It's a heavy duty stop block.It's earmarked as a motor upgrade for my 10" shaper, when I finally finish that project.Those work great, too. .Some years ago I built the Camtronics 2A controller and converted my Sherline mill to CNC.
It was vibration prone, but it did make the part.
The result was a modified spanner with two "holders" mounted to the spindle housing to hold the spanner in place around the spindle 1-inch nut.
The grinder and rotary table are in the background.
Very stable as the feet are short and wide and stiff.
It's a piece of square aluminum stock with holes drilled for a short piece of drill rod.
I've added dial indicators for the carriage, tailstock, and cross-slide.
These simply and easily slip over the bulb but typically reduce your acuity by about 10 so upgrading to a higher wattage bulb is almost necessary if you want to run this item (off road, of course).We were able to convert the old barn out back into Jewelry studio space, so all the jewelry equipment was moved out of my shop, leaving more room.Convert the DXF file to G-code, federate: 13 IPM and Plunge: 8IPM, print the G-code, and map it so you will know "Where" is each letter in the g-code.The software can be run from DOS, a Windows DOS shell, or Linux.The plate is a little bigger than 5" in diameter, so I had to install a spacer block on the Y-axis to increase the usable range in order to make the part, and had to install 2" worth of spacer blocks between the Z-axis and.They both work great.The ramps on the trigger pieces also have to be filed to about 60 degrees and may have to be adjusted for position."The motor is fairly heavy, so I made a solid mount for it out of some Al I beam and 1/2" plate.It's not overly large -.5" long with the closer nut in place and it weighs 2 lb 4 oz, about the same as the Taig independant 4 jaw chuck.Drill 1/16" hole in the bottom of the collar about.07 from the edge to accept the 18g piano wire spring.Finally, I heated the Delrin "spinner" in boiling water and whopped it on the brass handle with a leather mallet.The motor mount is calculated to put.5 pounds of weight on the belt, based on a 10 pound motor (I weighed it first, then did the motor mount calculations). .I control it all with my custom made DOS software.