user manual template for software

The technical documentation is for software, btw.
I'm looking to use LaTeX for my technical documentation needs (such as reference manuals, user guides, etc).
At minimum, I will need a template for Table of Contents, figures, tables, Index, Glossary.Tons of packages and game naruto mugen battle arena 2 control sequences.Finally, has anyone got any experience with the dita and LaTeX?Also, any good (and free) front-ends?Could I use your template to quickly get started in order to avoid being overwhelming by the LaTeX world.I'm thinking of going with Lyx but not sure if there are any better alternatives.Any other goodies would be welcome too.
If you those pieces were in LaTeX instead, I guess you could use the two together.
If I understand it correctly, dita is for building 'configurable documentation one that you can sew together from individual, independently written pieces written in XML.
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User s Manual, page.
Run with Microsoft Access 2007, and was developed in the fall 2009 semester by the Shock Force.
Software team at Radford University.
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