uk 8 ball pool rules pdf

Leaving the playing area without permission.
Ie if a ball of one or both colours drops, if no ball drops, if it is a foul, etc.
A referee, if asked by a player, may divulge certain information pertaining to the frame in question under the guidelines of the 'Past Present and Future Rule'.Clearing pockets that are full or nearly full of balls is the responsibility of the shooting player.If a player repeatedly causes a block of billiard chalk or other foreign matter to be on any part of the table the referee may deem that the player has breeched the Spirit of the Game and award the frame to the opponent.11.9 Jump Shots It is legal to cause the cue ball to leave the surface of the table by elevating the butt of the cue and, with a downward stroke, force the cue ball to rise off the playing surface.When the Cue Ball is played into a touching Object Ball.At least one Colour is potted.Foul Break, standard foul (see above but balls are re-racked and cue ball played from baulk if 4 balls failed to hit cushion.
If a player has to strike a cushion prior to impact with a "ball on then zend framework insert null a "Total Snooker" does exist.
If the breaker makes a legal break, however, commits a foul on the legal break by pocketing the cue-ball and/or sending any balls off the table, the game is to continue with the opponent having ball in hand anywhere behind the head-string, however must shoot.
Object of the Game back to top, the player or team pocketing their group of object balls first in any order and then legally pocketing the 8 ball (black wins the game.If any of the following balls require spotting, they are spotted in the following order:- Eight Ball then Red Balls in any order (or balls numbered 1 to 7 in numerical order) then Yellow Balls in any order (or balls numbered 9 to.If a ball or balls of a single colour are potted on the break the shooter must nominate colours: if they nominate the colour they have potted, colours are decided.Playing a shot before any balls that require spotting, have been spotted.It is expected that players will always play the game in the true spirit and in a sporting manner.If a player knocks a ball off the table and the ball returns to the playing surface after hitting a person or an object, it is a foul (the ball remains on surface).Balls comprise two groups, represented by two different coloured balls plus the 8 ball which is black.If the balls were disturbed by a player in the match, his/her opponent has the option of preventing restoration.Rules Clarification The referee must never give advice nor offer an opinion on points of play.Playing a shot out of turn (accidentally or deliberately).