tamagotchi version 4 manual

Do not give this item to a children who is under the recommended age.
Characters, see, tamagotchi Connection Version.5 Character List.
Small parts may cause harm if swallowed by children.Press button (A) to select and button (B) to choose/set.Adolescent stage: It becomes able to play alone, take baths of its own accord, and.Body Needs are food, health and discipline.When your Tamagotchi is born, its gender is set (black for a boy, and white for a girl).Press button (A) to scroll through your friends.
All functions above are controlled from the three buttons below the screen.
Select 12H or 24H clock format.
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Use button (A) to select the "Discipline Icon" and button (B) to choose either punish (when naughty) or praise to cheer up your Tamagotchi.
This product contains small parts such as batteries, battery cover and screws that may cause suffocation if swallowed by children.
How to play with Tamagotchi Plus, and how to use its functions.
Buy Tamagotchi, tamagotchi Connection Instructions is part of the.Remove back as shown, and remove the old battery.Tamagotchi Square offers some tips from translations of two Japanese books providing hints for raising Tamagotchi Plus (the Japanese version of Tamagotchi Connection).In the Balloon-Popping Game, the first one to pop the balloons wins.Webmaster's note: If mistakes are found, it is likely to be my fault and not an error in climara patch alter ca-125 estrogen levels the original instruction sheet.In the Gobbling Contest, the first one to eat all the food is the winner.Press button (B) to start IR communication.Unit 3018, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong.Set up Time and Date.Check us out at m Manufactured by bandai (H.K.)., LTD.TOO full" will appear.You can connect your Tamagotchi Connection to another one (if they are both old enough) by using the "A" button to select the "heart" icon in the top right corner of the screen.(6)Discipline Discipline can be provided in two forms: Scolding and Patting.If you're too late and it poos before it gets to the toilet, you need to clean it up afterwards.