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31 "The Plan to Assassinate.
Ken transmutes and rescues the man, defeating all the Galactor members in the building.
Beneath the lighthouse, there's a Galactor base.Demon points his camera at Jun but Ken and Joe appear in front of him, extending their capes and protecting Jun.It's Sabu, a friend from Ken's childhood.But it's not yet decided what its weak points, habits, etc.The Science Ninja Team shudders at the existence and power.Just before the mecha crashes on the soil, Ken detaches himself from the hull.Meanwhile, Jinpei has been taken along by a spaceship which is supposed to transmit rays from the mecha.Reddo Imparus and the God Phoenix drive the ant mecha into an underwater tunnel.
The crew kills some engineers, disguise themselves and install the homing system in the base.
He learns that that girl was Maria.
In order to make sure of the real intentions of Red Impulse, Ken goes back to the base.
Galactor plans to use it in an operation to track down the Science Ninja Team and follow them to their base.
In order to search for them, the Science Ninja Team splits up and mixes with the citizens.The two of them think that the helicopter on the roof of the ISO headquarters is suspicious.Because he finishes it, he is too game mario forever galaxy late.In an investigation, it was determined which resources the mecha will most likely attack next, and the God Phoenix encounters the mecha at a base.However, the participants are super robots.Also Jinpei finds one of the bugs and brings it home.In one instance, the force of the mecha's sickle is diminishes because of the thunderstorm's shock.When the message italian manual nikon coolpix p5100 instruction arrives that the jellyfish mecha is attacking the ISO headquarters, the God Phoenix is deployed immediately.The rocket disperses across the sky and Earth is saved.In the middle of the investigation, the Science Ninja Team discovers three persons, a father and his two sons, floating in the sea.