swann dvr8 2600 manual

The DVR is basically a small, dedicated computer and thus needs about 45 seconds to boot.
To ensure your ongoing privacy, we strongly recommend changing the password as soon as possible.
Go to the time AND date submenu.This is useful for hunting a specific recording of an incident if you know the time and date it ocured.Whilst booting, the DVR will show this screen: Once the DVR has booted (up and you have a camera connected to each channel) the DVR will take you straight to the ALL view screen, showing all eight displays (below).What can you do about it?Do not cover vents on the side or back of the DVR and allow adequate space for ventilation.Most users find that attaching a USB mouse.Unlike a VCR which records to a tape, your DVR records footage to the internal hard drive.Setting only part of the cameras view to be motion sensitive might be the answer.This submenu contains many of the most important settings on the DVR, and correctly configuring them is important to the ongoing smooth operation of the unit.This saves you time having to set each day separately.
Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver.
If you do manage to lock yourself out of the DVR, youll need to contact us at the Swann Technical Support Telephone Helpdesk - the number is on the back cover.
To using the driver package installer search you need to input the date of the video then select the hour of the recording.
The copy button in the schedule screen allows you to copy the schedule for a certain day (that you may have already set) to all of or one of the other days.The mouse functions just like any PC mouse for easy navigation of the menus.Record - Press to begin record- when DVR powered split-screen mode.Highlight the current numeric field, and press select or left click.1 4.This is useful in a number of circumstances, such as monitoring one particular door at the end of busy hallway, or a backyard with a tree that keeps blowing.Note that inserting a flash drive into the mouse port will not work correctly.This is useful if peculiar lighting conditions, a non-standard camera or a conspicuously colored object in the frame cause the display to be inconveniently tinted, or over or under exposed.Note: The USB mouse must be attached to the upper USB port!Vidual display mode during recording and playback.All - Press to view all channels.Then, select the.First, select the appropriate week from the drop-down menu which lists the 1ST week, 2ND ebook economics samuelson nordhaus macroeconomia.pdf week (and so on) that DST commecnces in your region.