sony mex-bt3600 user manual

5) Put wire through one of the vent holes at the left side and plug microphone back to the board.
1) Take the cover off by unscrewing (1).
The.5mm jack has 3 connectors (ground, left and right).
Be careful, don't use too much force.It has a terrible design flaw, by having the mic behind the panel!It's also fully Bluetooth-enabled, for safe and happy handsfree phone calls.I used 9/64 and 5/64 drill bits, but cannot guarantee, that you would have the same type of microphone and a holder.Delivers traffic information via RDS/EON.The second thought was to move msvcp100d.dll windows 7 64 bit a microphone into some other position, which would be directly accessible for the voice.Detachable fascia for added security.Your callers will notice, that sound from your side became if not perfect, but at least much better, than before.Then, biondi normal western font I bought a standard "genius" computer mic which comes with a very long wire.Unplug it from the left side and take it out for now.Pricing is still to be confirmed and the Sony MEX-BT3600U will be available in the UK from May.
The in-dash head unit links wirelessly to the growing range of mobile phones from Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers that support Bluetooth connectivity, Sony informs.
Bass and treble controls.
I placed it on the A pillar of my car (a '94 626 Mazda) and routed the cable behind the dash.
I don't know why Sony came up with this dumb decision, but mixing my voice with the sound of engine and air blower make it really horrible.
Also, take out a small metal holder - you won't need it anymore.
Exact location is completely up to you.USB port and AUX in for connectivity to external devices.Balance and fader controls.I drilled an 1/4" hole on the back of the radio and placed the connector there.The unit also has a front panel AUX input that allows you to connect any old player.At the touch of a button its easy to accept handsfree calls while youre driving, with no need for connecting cables, phone cradles or obtrusive car kits.18 preset stations allow you to save your favourite radio stations in memory.