sears 600 furnace owners manual

Sears Furnace, solutions, sears Gas Floor Furnace Model #, sears Furnace, solutions, i need help with trouble shooting is there a numbe.
They did not have the motor.Sears Furnace 600 1, solutions, pilot light comes on but with it calling for heat.There is a tag on the motor that says to -oil-every six months, and there is a oil cap that has to be removed to oil the motor.I haven't looked yet, except to get the Model number.112, problems and Solutions, how light a sears 600 gas wall heater.Also, the guys at Appliance Parts Center says the fan is a counter-clock-wise turning fan, the shaft is 3/8" and the motor is a 3 speed.
The Appliance Parts Center in El Cajon said their big Appliance Parts Center in National City, California will have the motor!
Sears Furnace EF08B1500A3 2, solutions, sears Counterflow Wall Furnace, sears Furnace 138.73593 0, solutions, i need a manual for a sears wall furnace Model 138.
Sears Furnace, solutions, furnace Information, sears Furnace FVM4X6000B 0, solutions, i need wiring diagram for a Kenmore furnace model.
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When I went to see what it was, the motor was on fire.Hi- Just today my Sears 600, Model starting making funny noises, like intermittent scraping.If you are not electrical and mechanical savvy-be fibaro roller shutter manual safe-call an expert!I also went to Grainger Wholesale in El Cajon, they did not carry it either.What is th Sears Furnace homartgasautomatic 0 Solutions I need a user's manual for a Sears furnace thermos Sears Furnace 387.91871 0 Solutions Sears Floor Furnace Model # 138.73750 Sears Furnace 138.737510 0 Solutions what 2 colors on the board do my central air unit.By the way, the unit and all it's pieces have tags showing the part number and Manufacturer.DON'T forget TO shut OFF power TO THE unit before working ON IT-IT haapacitor that CAN stop your heart!It even say to use 20W oil.There is a little metal cover that covers the electrical hookups for the fan and inside mine there is a little instruction sheet saying the motor is 3 speed.Sears Furnace homart 600 0, solutions, flame sensor.