sea doo manual cdi test

If you have tested the spark plugs, the ignition and the battery on your Sea-Doo but still cannot get it to start, another area to check is the stator.
In this example, hitachi l300p user guide there were two problems.
By testing the cylinders one at a time, you can narrow down which cylinder is dead or weak.Even if the battery is 'brand new' you should take the time to actually measure the battery voltage with a multi-meter (not the voltage on the Polaris MFD display).If the fuse pops your mpem is faulty.If not, youll need to determine what other problem in your electrical system is blowing that fuse.Then you unbolt the mpem from the bracket and remove from the watercraft.If you are mixing and matching stators and engines from different years, these part numbers will help you get the right combo to physically fit the housing and the stator cable seal.This is a very common problem with Polaris PWC.Each single cylinder should run the engine about the same.Service Bulletin PWC-00-05 (Fixes no restart when warm, no restart after stopping).As an example, if the connect info was 3-26.
How to figure out which cylinder is running poorly.
Engine does not start, no spark Replace the battery with a new battery.
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The stator is mounted on the top of the Sea-Doo's engine block near the points.
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Then using the connect info below, first connect ground to the proper plug and terminal.Note also 26 is always the upper left one, 25 is the middle, and 24 is the upper right when looking at a connector oriented as pictured.It will take you less than 30 minutes to test your stator.What wires are for what - How the basic electrical wiring system works (domestic carb models).An old or weak battery can not deliver enough voltage while the engine is cranking, and you will not have spark.All information below is for explanation/promotion purposes only and may not reflect product details.The original domestic ignition systems '.will fail eventually.' Kit part numbers 2873091, 2873022, 2873355, Hurricane and twin carburetor twin carburetor except Hurricane Note: Apparently the better choice for all two cylinder engines is the Hurricane update kit three cylinder 900cc and 1050cc engines cc three.Original Kawasaki 650 X-2 Service Manual.Note: Some electrical, diagnostic and engine related material is located on these pages.Apple Computers have native support for PDF files.The CDI on domestic engines requires the battery to deliver more than.6 volts while cranking the engine.You can check whether you already have the update by checking your CDI part number.If the Ohms measured and displayed on the meter screen falls within the stator range from the Sea-Doo manual, then the stator is not bad and will not need to be replaced.