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Wav /dev/dsp Q: can't open /dev/dsp: No such device A: This means that the driver was not loaded successfully or that it didn't find any devices.
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Try: "modprobe snd-pcm-oss" as root.To solve this you could see this alsa.CT4831 - Sound Blaster Live!Xmms should work with the output plugin alsa.How difficult it is to set up depends if your card supports plug and play or if you have to find the irqs by hand.If the system is using udev, it may be necessary to install the oss-compat package: apt-get install oss-compat, error: audio: /dev/dsp: No such file or directory.Libao doesn't support resampling, so use libmad/madplay as an alternative.That worked brillantly for my?or Can't open libao driver with device /dev/dsp (is device in use?) Q: I have installed a a cop's life pdf new linux kernel and suddenly my alsa sound does not work.CT4870 - Sound Blaster Live!SB0060 - Sound Blaster Live!
Following is that collection of driver files: Please note that these are original, freely available Creative files, and the binaries are not modified or patched in any way.
A1: At least on Sarge lsmod shows "oss" in the module names when using OSS.
A: Run one of these commands in a terminal /bin/fuser -v /dev/dsp /usr/sbin/lsof grep dsp /usr/sbin/lsof grep pcm (Sometimes one of the /dev/snd/pcm.
A: A newer version of OSS (4.x) was open sourced in 2007 by 4Front Technologies, however it wasn't put back into Linux kernel by default.
CT4790 - Sound Blaster PCI512 (OEM).If you have a Creative Sound Blaster Live!Login as root and see if the sound works for the root account.If you are running KDE and you want it's sound effects as well, you may have to tell it's aRts server explicitely to use alsa.It is the standard in Linux.6.CT4832 - Sound Blaster Live!The user is required to be a member of the audio group to use the audio device.If that does not solve the problem for root, you have to find out 'what your sound card actually is'.