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Preface xv 1 Introduction.1 Introduction.2 Elements of Information Networks.3 Evolution of Wireless Access to the pstn.4 Evolution of Wireless Access to the Internet.5 Evolution of Wireless Localization Technologies.6 Structure of this Book.
84 3 Physical Layer Alternatives forWireless Networks.1 Introduction.2 Physical Layer Basics: Data rate, Bandwidth, and Power 100.3 Performance in Multipath Wireless Channels 107.4 Wireless Transmission Techniques 112.5 Multipath Resistant Techniques 120.6 Coding Techniques for Wireless Communications 136.
480.3 Mechanisms to Support a Mobile Environment 486.4 Communication Protocols 491.5 Channel Models for Cellular Networks 501.6 Transmission Techniques in tdma Cellular 508.7 Evolution of tdma for Internet Access 512 12 cdma Cellular Systems 519.1 Introduction 519.2 Why.Isbn: Book, bibliometrics, citation Count: 57, downloads (cumulative n/a.Downloads (12 Months n/a, downloads (6 Weeks n/a).Authors: Kaveh Pahlavan, prashant Krishnamurthy, publication: Book, principles of Wireless Networks: A Unified Approach 1st, prentice Hall PTR Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA 2001.Part I principles OF airinterference design 2 Characteristics of the Wireless Medium.1 Introduction.2 Modeling of Large-scale RSS, Path Loss, and Shadow Fading.3 Modeling of RSS Fluctuations and Doppler Spectrum.4 Wideband Modeling of Multipath Characteristics.5 Emerging.Part II principles OF network infrastructure design 5 Deployment ofWireless Networks 217.1 Introduction 217.2 Wireless Network Architectures 218.3 Interference in Wireless Networks 224.4 Deployment of Wireless LANs 233.5 Cellular Topology, Cell Fundamentals, and Frequency Reuse 238.6 Capacity Expansion Techniques.562.3 Multiple Input Multiple Output 572.4 WiMax 576.5 Long Term Evolution 582.6 LTE Advanced 591 Part V wireless localization 14 Geolocation Systems 597.1 Introduction 597.2 What is Wireless Geolocation?Appendix A3 145 4 Medium Access Methods 153.1 Introduction 153.2 Centralized Assigned-Access Schemes 155.3 Distributed Random Access for Data Oriented Networks 173.4 Integration of Voice and Data Traffic 195.598.3 RF Location Sensing and Positioning Methodologies 602.4 Location Services Architecture for Cellular Systems 613.5 Positioning in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 620 15 Fundamentals of RF Localization 625.1 Introduction 625.2 Modeling of the Behavior of RF Sensors 626.3.
520.3 cdma Based Cellular Systems 521.4 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 522.5 Communication Channels and Protocols in Example cdma Systems 534.6 Cell Search, Mobility, and Radio Resource Management in cdma 546.7 High Speed Packet Access 554 13 ofdm and mimo Cellular.
Principles of Wireless Access and Localization.
Sensor and ad hoc networks.
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