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In the treaty, Germany lost nearly 15 of its arable land and 12 of its industrial area.
For this purpose, they willingly accepted the dictatorship of Hitler and his policy of restoring the prestige of Germans by taking revenge upon those responsible for humiliating Germany at the Paris Peace Conference.
Jeff Macdonald - Smells elfen lied episodes english dubbed Like Freedom (Trailer Song) (3:13) 320 Kb/s.A large number of defence and security pacts, secret as well as public, were concluded by most of the European states.Mosh solution manual algorithm design kleinberg Ben Ari - Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) (5:09) 256 Kb/s.Led by such a feeling, the Anglo-French powers adopted a policy of appeasement towards Hitler.France entered into a number of alliances with other states.Rise of Fascism in Italy: The failure of Italy to secure the desired gains at the Paris Peace Conference made it thoroughly dissatisfied and annoyed with the role of Britain and France.In short, Germany had been deprived of nearly a million square miles of its area.Advertisements: The economic clauses of the Treaty were directed to make Germany pay for the war losses and damages.Economic Depression of 1930s: Another important factor which indirectly led to the collapse of the inter-war system and to the outbreak of World War II, was the economic depression of 1930s.Their decision to tolerate and accept the growing power of Hitler encouraged the dictator to rearm Germany, militaries Rhineland and capture Austria and Czechoslovakia.
It lacked the strong organisation needed to command respect among the nations.
The British and French policies of keeping up the development of armaments provided Hitler the much needed handle to justify the arming of Germany.
The result was disastrous for all.
Username, e-mail, password, repeat password x, link to the track, share the link.Union of Austria and Germany had been forbidden.To Germany, the League was a grouping of the victorious imperialist powers and of secondary states assembled to preserve the fruits of their victory and to maintain the status quo.Consequently, in many states minorities opposed to each other were left under an alien rule.Western Policy of Appeasement: The policy of appeasement adopted by Britain and France towards Germany and Italy also contributed largely to the outbreak of World War.Hitler took full advantage of the situation and exhorted these minorities to overthrow their governments.The Treaty of Versailles provided for the virtual disarming of Germany.Such security pacts, however, proved to be counterproductive in as much as these strengthened the sense of insecurity and mutual distrust among the nations.Memel had been given to Lithuania in 1924.Failure of the League to act as an International Peace Keeper: The League of Nations was created in 1919 for securing international peace.But due to several social, cultural, religious, economic and military factors, it was found difficult to operationalize this principle.