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Through a pair of mysterious notes sent to both of them, Farfrae and Elizabeth-Jane meet at the granary.
Henchard appears and grabs the animal, rescuing the women.Eventually, the pair does remarry, although Henchard confesses to Farfrae that he had once formed an attachment to a woman named Lucetta.Henchard frequently stands on the second bridge near the lower part of town bemoaning his situation, and, finally, when his twenty years are up, he begins to drink heavily again.The letters fall into the hands of the villagers, who plan a skimmington, a method of publically shaming those who are perceived to be disloyal or unworthy of their spouses.Richard Newson, who all had believed dead, arrives in Casterbridge and visits Henchard.He escorts Lucetta home where she confesses that she has secretly married Farfrae that week in another town.Henchard grows to depend on the girl and her affection for him, despite his knowledge that she is not his biological daughter.Choose citation style: mlachicago, champlin, Nikola.The next day, Henchard presides over a local trial and the woman brought to court is the furmity-woman, who recognizes him and reveals Henchards dark secret that he once sold his own wife and child.He vows to not drink again for twenty-years.A sailor manual amplificador sae a 14 named Richard Newson appears in the doorway of the furmity tent and offers five guineas for Susan and Elizabeth-Jane.
She is accompanied by her grown daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, who is unaware of her parents history.
Despite Lucettas initial interest in renewing her attachment to Henchard, she meets Farfrae in an encounter that affects them both profoundly.
At The King of Prussia, Elizabeth-Jane volunteers as a waitress in order to help pay for their stay.the Mayor of Casterbridge." LitCharts LLC, October 23, 2014.Elizabeth-Jane tries desperately to correct this through reading and self-instruction, but her father does not notice.Ignoring this cautionary note, Henchard opens the letter to discover Susans confession: this Elizabeth-Jane is not, in fact, his biological daughter, but a second child born to Susan and Richard Newson after the first baby died.Henchard gives Jopp the letters to return to Lucetta, so she can keep her secret.Elizabeth-Jane arrives at Lucettas home and attempts to stop her from seeing the parade, but she does and collapses.At the fair, Susan finds the furmity-woman who had once run the tent at the fair.The two struggle, but, again, Henchard is unable to do through with a harmful plan.Directly after this confession, Henchard finds a letter left by his dead wife and labeled, not to be opened till Elizabeth-Janes wedding-day.Henchard comes troy bilt sickle bar mower manual to Lucettas home and blackmails her into agreeing to marry him."The Mayor of Casterbridge.".The next day, Henchard is furious with his wife for her simple-minded agreement to her own sale.