manual ground control to major tom chords

And xxx xxxxxxxx in xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx way and xxx xxxxx look xxxx xxxxxxxxx today.
For F7Mhere am I Em7sitting in a tin can, F7Mfar above the Em7world?C F, now it's time to leave the capsule if you hughes remote control manuals dare.Fm, c F, and I'm floating in the most peculiar way.Check xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx God's xxxx xx xxxx you.Tab from: ml, fmaj7, em7, fmaj7 Em7 For here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world?Take xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx and xxx xxxx xxxxxx.See plans and pricing: m/a/wa/plus.
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C, e7 F This is ground control to Major Tom; you've really made the grade!
About this song, this song does not exist.C F, and I'm floating in a most peculiar way.CGround control to Major EmTom CCommencing countdown engine's.Highlighted Show chords diagrams, this is my first tab.Fm, c F and the stars look very different today.Am, am/G, am/F d Take your protein pills and put your helmet.And I'm Fmfloating in the Cmost peculiar Fway and the Fmstars look very Cdifferent toFday.Printing is not available on your current plan.Can you Ghear me Major Tom?Planet xxxxx xx xxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxx.And I Fmthink my spaceship Cknows which way to Fgo, Tell my Fmwife I love her Cvery much she Fknows.