manual for hot shots golf fore

It will find serial number crack software mac also be cheaper as most characters can be beaten by using 2-4 pitch hit coupons while outfits to be bought range from points.
Tourney Rank Down: xkwgfz, unlock Menu Character Renee: aviqxs, unlock all golfers reztws.
Unlock Voice Change: jvqvkq, unlock Heckletts: dixwfe, unlock Aloha Beach Resort: xsrehd.Unlock Turbo Spin Ball: xnetok, unlock Infinity Ball: djxbrg, unlock Sidespin Ball: jayqrk.Upgrade Infinity Club sims 3 high end loft stuff no cd crack from mid-level to top level: eipcul.Upgrade Pin Hole Club from mid-level to top level: rbxvel.Unlock Infinity Club: rztqgv, upgrade Infinity Club to mid-level: wtgfor.Unlock the pin hole club: dghfrp.Mode: defeat purin BY 4 To play as furukon AND nina YOU defeat marion To play as beida defeat reira To play as buronzo AND SHA-KU defeat masashi AND shirubia To play as garu-DA defeat sakura To play as guroria defeat SHA-KU To play.Upgrade Turbo Spin Club from mid-level to top level: dtizab.Upgrade Pin Hole Club to mid-level: ttimht.Unlock Caddie Mochi: mypwpa, unlock HSG Music: pajxli, unlock Minigolf 2: 120 points in Minigolf.Note: The extra outfits unlocked in the shop can be won by beating the character in hard VS mode.
Unlock Beginner's Ball: yfqjji, unlock Bir Air Ball: crcgkr, unlock Pin Hole Ball: vzlsgp.
Upgrade Turbo Spin Club to mid-level: niwkwp.
Unlock Silkroad Classic: zkogjm, unlock Blue Lagoon.C.: wvrjqs, unlock Mini-Golf.C.: rvmiru Unlock Caddie Kayla: mzimel Unlock Caddie Simon: wrhznb Unlock Caddie Sophie: utwivq Unlock Caddie Kaz: lnnzjv Unlock Caddie Clank: xcqgwj Unlock Caddie Daxter: wsikin Unlock Phoebe Costume: gjbchy Unlock Mike Costume.
Oqutna: Unlock Wild Green.C.: yzloxe.
P Unlock Bagpipe Classic: crcnhz, unlock Extra Video: dpyhiu, unlock Landing Grid: mqtimv.
Price Reduction: mkjefq, unlock Big Air Club: dljmfz, upgrade Big Air Club to mid-level: tosxuj.Upgrade Big Air Club from mid-level to top level: jidtqi.Unlock Menu Character Brad: zkjsio, unlock United Forest.C.: uiwhlz, unlock Dream.C.Unlock 100t Hammer Club: nfsnhr, upgrade 100t Hammer Club to mid-level: blvlhsi.Hot Shots Golf Fore!Unlock the western valley CC: libtfl.Upgrade 100t Hammer Club from mid-level to top level: mscruk.To unlock extra outfits play as the same character four times in tournament or verus mode, this will then also unlock outfits for you to buy in the shop.Unlock HSG Rules: fkdhds, unlock Everybody's CD: uitugf, unlock Wallpaper Set 2: roddhq.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click edit and add.This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for.