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Many functions that had a default key command set in Logic Pro 9, do not have one set in Logic Pro.
Projects, tracks, regions, templates, controller assignments, groups, zones, screensets to name just a few!I want to be able to see the cello line play back in the Score Editor so I know what notes to harmonize with.Read more Using the McDSP ML4000 in Logic Pro X (Video) Written by Logic Pro Expert on panasonic lumix dmc-lz7 user manual May 13, 2015 In this free video, you can see and hear how Eli Krantzberg uses the McDSP ML4000 limiter and multi-band dynamics processor in Logic Pro.Well also look at some of the other Logic features that could speed up your workflow by providing a more intuitive environment which will, we think, make your Logic experience much more fulfilling.Every time I try this the Cello line disappears and only shows the score of the track Im working on (violin).Midi grooves, timing, and note events are easily extracted from audio these days.Are you sure you moved the Flex Markers and not the Transient Markers?Here Ill share six tips with you as to how you can modify the input signal reaching Logic Pro before hitting the record button.
Read more Using Melodyne and Selection Based Processing in Logic Pro X Written by Eli Krantzberg on February 12, 2017 A lot of people have been asking about the use of Melodyne and the new Selection Based Processing (SBP) feature in Logic Pro.3.
Read more Logic Pro X Tip Playback in the Score Editor Written by Doug Zangar on June 17, 2016 In Logic Pro Xs Score Editor, if you are in Linear View, you still have the bar ruler to use to place your playhead.
However, this is not all.
While producing digital music, you never know when breaking the rules may yield interesting, stimulating and musical results.
Read more Logic Pro X Channel EQ Best Practices Written by Eli Krantzberg on April 5, 2016 In this article, Eli Krantzberg shows some general best practices that he continually finds useful when using Logic Pro Xs Channel EQ in various situations.
While a mixing console only provides Online Automation where you record your mixing steps live like an instrument, a DAW provides the additional convenience of Offline Automation.
Im dating myself here, but for those of us old enough to remember, the only way to accomplish snapshot style automation previously was by cabling up channel splitters, tracks, and ports in the Environment.Finally though, I settled on Flex.But hidden away in Logic Pros arsenal of features is the Junction Tool.Written by Edgar Rothermich on May 5, 2014 In the following article, Edgar Rothermich author of Logic Pro X How it Works, takes a look at the Smart Strings patch in Logic Pro X, and how it can be played by utilizing the multi-touch gestures.Here are a few tips for browsing automation parameters by keyboard.The PDF contains new information that was not covered in the original post.So what were going to do is simply set up a project in Logic Pro.Maybe it was a Quantize Flex Marker or the Manual Flex Marker.But going one step further and using the extended region parameters, they can be used for a lot more than as a simple quantization template.Read more Live Performance Logic Pro X vs Mainstage Written by Doug Zangar on May 12, 2015 For those wondering whether they should be using Logic Pro X or MainStage for live performance, here is one factor that may have a big influence in that.It had me stymied for a while.Ive tested the app with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, late 2013) running Logic Pro X and using my iPad 3 (early 2012) as a second display.