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The pony run, he jump and pitch, And tumble mater in the ditch; He died, and the jury wondered why; The verdict was the blue tail fly.
CS1 maint: Uses editors parameter ( link ) Cooper, James Fenimore.
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When he ride in de arternoon, I foller wid a hickory broom; De poney being berry shy, When bitten by de blue tail fly.Retrieved November 16, 2008.Den arter dinner massa sleeps, He bid dis nigga vigils keeps; An' when he gwine to shut his eye, He tell me watch de blue tail fly.68 Seeger maintained that the song's subtext gave it a social justice element 50 but began (with 1953's American Folksongs for Children ) to perform and market the work as a children's sing-along." 5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children's Songs ".Foote Lantern Slide Collection.See,.g., James Fenimore Cooper 's notes using the expression "cracked corn" to explain succotash in The Last of the Mohicans 31 and a hominy -mortar in The Prairie."De Blue Tail Fly." Keith's Music Publishing House (Boston 1846.
One day he rode aroun de farm, De flies so numerous did swarm; One chance to bite 'im on de thigh, De debble take dat blue tail fly.
With some minor change of punctuation, this is the version that was republished by Oliver Ditson in subsequent song books.
"The Cream of Folk, Reunited for a Cause" in The New York Times, C 15.
When I was young I used to wait, On massa's table and hand de plate, I'd pass the bottle when he dry, An brush away de blue tail fly.A coroner's jury is convened to investigate the master's death, or the singer is criminally charged with that death, but owing to the "blue-tail fly the slave escapes culpability.Ole Massa well a-day.Reprinted in Mahar,. .The melody is similar to " Miss Lucy Long " and was originally set for piano accompaniment, 3 although "De Blue Tail Fly" was marketed in Boston as one of "Emmett's Banjo Melodies".The opinions expressed in Facebook comments do not necessarily reflect those of m or its staff.