hp lj 4l service manual

When the motor is operated, the pinion gear moves up to mesh with the teeth on the flywheel ring gear.
Attempting to adjust an old worn set of points is not practical because oxidation and pitting of the points will always give a false reading.5-Separate the lower unit straight away from the exhaust housing.An engine may be in appareht excellent mechanical condition, but perform poorly, unless the points anc synchronization have been adjusted precisely, according to the Specifications in the Appendix.Secure the pump with the attaching screws.Only one carburetor will be rebuilt in the following procedures.Manual de Serviço Canon MP 170 e 450 Download Grátis para Usuário VIP Printer Service.
If the horn expedia co uk pub agent dll tovr does not sound, there is a problem between the knife disconnect and the remote control box.
Replacem ent of this propeller will be less expensive than the cost of a rebuild.
The fuel gauge gives an indication of the amount of fuel in the tank.
Lower the propeller shaft assembly down into the lower unit with the inside diameter of the shaft indexing over the shaft of the piston.
The shift switch may have a dead spot and will not indicate.
Set all spark plug plugs.5 hp thru 60 hp -1982 and on,.040".See Section 6-12 for detailed service procedures on the starter motor circuit.Fold the generator shaft from turning with an open wrench on the flats of the shaft underneath the pulley.The manual primer system is covered in Section 4-14.Continue turning this center screw LOW tension magneto 5-35 until the seal can be raised manually from the crankshaft.This is the wire from the key.If the flush attachment is used, never operate the engine above an idle speed, because the no-load condition on the propeller would allow the engine to runaway resulting in serious damage or destruction of the engine.Isolate the Problem: Disconnect the shift cable, if used, at the engine, illustration.Insert the lubricant tube into the Fll.Lower unit disassembling 8-Grasp the driveshaft firmly and withdraw it from the lower unit.Tap the bushing into place with a hammer and the special tool holt physics teacher's solution manual until the bushing is fully seated in the housing.