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Baltimores urban heat island is so intense, the growing season has been altered, spring is coming two weeks earlier, and the crabs arrive pre-steamed.
Those factories require huge buildings, cars require roads, and those malls mean massive parking lots and great expanses of hard-top roof.PDF, further warming the air.Theres the obvious: all those factories belching smoke ( well, not so much in the states, but it might be an issue in Jiaxing cars shooting heat out of their tailpipes, and dont even get me started on the BTUs generated by all the hot.The lemonade stand industry will see booming business, well no longer need skillets, and if our pet skinks escape, no worries!So it gets hotter big deal, right?And we havent even gotten to what is likely the biggest contributor to urban heat islands: the fact that weve mowed down so many trees to put all this other stuff.(A sun-blocking machine is prohibitively expensive, the Heat Miser is completely fictitious, and.If the pattern holds, by the year 2112, well be able to cook lentils in the average tumbler of bourbon.Poor neighborhoods often have fewer trees and way more heat, and those rising temperatures are a much bigger deal when you cant afford air conditioning and have no way to escape the urban inferno.Roofs and roads are often dark, and would you wear a black suit to, say, a picnic in an active volcano?
Its like a snake eating its own tail, citroen zx workshop manual pdf except the snake is also on fire.
And thats just what Baltimore,., the Paris of the mid-Atlantic, is facing.
Reflective and green roofs offer similar benefits while also keeping buildings cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning kind of like a snake eating its own tail, but its like, an ice snake or something.Susie Cagle, some may like it hot, but the good folks of Louisville,., will tell you that its not always a good thing.A/C use also means more power and more hot exhaust from power plants.But thats just the beginning.Do it for the planet.Baltimore already suffers from serious second-city syndrome, but being downwind from Washington,.C., causes climate problems as well.And by taking water absorbed in their roots and releasing it back through the leaves (in a process called evapotranspiration trees act as time-released cooling capsules.(Youre going to kick yourself when you see the answer.) Two urban heat islands!Of course not, its a terrible, terrible summer color.So get thee to a tree planting!The effect can reach over a mile straight up and change the climate for miles around.Grass-pavers form a concrete web, allowing grass to grow through parking lots and driveways, are also more reflective than blacktop, and also retain storm water, which helps cool local waterways.Do it for your own sake.