honey bee cp2 and manual

USD.40, uSD.35, uSD.50.
Push the flybar through the flybar holder, attach the other lever and paddle.
Also, thread lock and CA glue for use where neccesary.
Walkera Helicopters, walkera UFO / Mulirotor, walkera Transmitter.Blog, all Categories, half life patch window xp home manual Download, copterX Transmitter / Receiver.USD.90, uSD.90, uSD.90, uSD.37.If they bind, this will cause battery drain and possible damage to the servos.Screw and slide one of the alloy levers along your flybar.Alloy case files pdf sample Swash Plate.
Attach the second blade clamp and tighten both shaft end screws.
Insert the flybar holder through the head and attach with the 2 silver screws.
Firstly, you'll need a philips screwdriver and.5mm allen driver.The collared washer should have its raised edge towards the bearing.In addition to the alloy components you will need the control linkages from your original rotor head.Its best to work on a clean, clear surface.Walkera Brushless Motor, walkera Gyro, walkera ESC, walkera Charger.