game copy wizard v 2.3 full

( issue 12875 ) Enforce correct icon size in list view.
Die Kommunikation erleichtern, wenn du ein.( issue 34923 ) API: Restrict external usages of sourceBundleUtil.( issue 40491 ) Remoting.3: Hardening of FifoBuffer operation logic.( issue 35190 ) Fix keyboard navigation in setup wizard.Es dir ermöglichen, mit, facebook Login die Anmeldung von Personen auf deiner Webseite zu erleichtern.Changelog is available here.( issue 24064 what's new.63 no notable changes in this release.Annotation-indexer and sezpoz have been updated.11.( issue 38539 ) Remoting.62.2: Prevent NullPointerException in Engine#connect when host or port parameters are null or empty.
( pull asia 1225 15 pdf 2273 ) Prevent errors when hiding management links.
( issue 39300 ) Job configuration submission now does not fail when there is no parameters property.
( PR #2417 ) Internal API: Make BulkChange auto-closeable.
( issue 36908 ) Remove trailing space from Hudson.( issue 40710 ) Remoting.5: Add option to specify the remoting protocol to use on the client.( pull 2880 ) Update WinP from.24.25 to improve performance and diagnostics.This option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.( issue 39700, regression.637) Fix names of item loading and cleanup Jenkins initialization stages.Secret Cow Portal - Open portal to Not the Cow Level.( issue 39596, regression.26) Prevent NullPointerException when rendering erInterruption in build summary pages for non-existent users.( pull 2840 ) What's new.54 Jenkins (master and agents) now requires Java 8 to run.( issue 35402 ) What's new.8 (2016/06/05) Explicitly declare compatibility of Windows build agent service with.NET Framework.( issue 42443 ) Improve plugin access performance in the default PluginManager implementation.This fix caused a critical regression in the Windows Slaves Plugin ( jenkins-42724 ).( issue 32886 ) Allow starting non-AbstractProject (e.g.( pull 2687 ) Increase the jenkins_home disk space threshold from 1Gb to 10Gb left.( issue 38867 ) Update the sshd module from.7.8.