football manager 2012 patch 12.2.0

Updated Premier Division number of teams.
Stopped team meeting suggestions been sent on the same day as a chomsky's universal grammar: an introduction vivian cook, mark newson.pdf human has a game as it ends up telling the user they can't hold a meeting.
Fixed an issue where MLS Senior players where demanding a Designated Player salary when renewing their contract without being entitled to ask for such big money (not good enough to be a DP).
General - Adjusted the selection process to decide which cities get new stadiums built for hosting international competitions - Fixed issue where possible opposition team lists were not being filled correctly for a minor club when arranging a friendly.Italy - - Fixed Serie C1 and C2 clubs not being able to buy Non-EU players based in Italy.Fixed a bug where MLS Designated Players could go in the Waiver Draft.Italian Cup service manual latitude d620 semi-final first leg date no longer clashes with international matches every 2nd year.Fixed lack of discipline rules for the U21 League.Australia Fixed a bug where the user could not approach to sign on a Bosman transfer other A-League players when managing in the A-league.Assets ESP - Updated Liga bbva ad hoarding FRA - Fixed Nantes away kit Backroom Advice - Stopped suggestions to remove good set piece takers who are just in the reserves.User is now able to say that they do not know a manager when asked how they got on at a personal level when reply to the other managers comment from a press conference.
User can now block promotion for B/reserve teams in a league if they come within 2 divisions of their main team.
Allowed user to be offered a part time contract that they can accept without altering the 'Contract Type' dropdown box.
Fixed players leaving the club before the end of the season not being included in the best.
Updated National First and Second league sort rules.
Contracts - Junior Marquee contract request are now correctly dealing with the maximum contract length allowed for this contract.
USA - - No more virtual players displayed in the MLS Combine on match day unless they are absolutely necessary due to players multiple injuries.Main Cup 3rd round, 4th round and Semi-Final now just one leg.Fixed the board agreeing to signing a player and the transfer budget not been restored when the transfer is cancelled because the player failed to get a work permit.China - - Updated summer transfer window.Publisher: 1C, Sega, community sites: t, please submit any corrections, additions, requests and missing downloads on this page to us through our.Some transfers (say the two players who walked away from Rangers or Diarra to Fulham) just happened too late to be included in this update.South America Fixed squad registration date for the South American Recopa being too early.