fix dll module loader in vista

If these methods are not used, the yugioh 5ds nintendo ds game system searches for the DLL at load time as described in this topic.
Dll version.0.50727.5446 : MsCoRWks.
The name of this directory is System32.Replace the security information for one identifier (account, group, well-known security identifier (SID) with that of another identifier.Dll version.0.50727.4959 : Mscorlib.In the, file Download dialog box, select.The alternate search order is as follows: The directory from which the application loaded.Dll version.0.50727.5710 : MsCoRWks.Dll version.0.50727.5021 : Mscorlib.Dll version.0.50727.5669 : Mscorlib.Dll version.0.50727.5691 : MsCoRWks.Dll version.0.50727.3625 : MsCoRWks.
Dll version.0.50727.4062 : MsCoRWks.
Dll version.0.50727.5681 : MsCoRWks.
Dll version.1.4322.2443 : Mscorlib.
Dll version.0.50727.3634 : MsCoRWks.Dll version.0.50727.7047 : Mscorlib.Dll version.1.4322.2373 : Mscorlib.Dll version.0.50727.3615 : MsCoRWks.6 This also disables the text output by chkdsk.6 /baudratennn Sets the baud rate of the debug port that is used for kernel debugging.7 The user can also combine other i parameters with /safeboot:type.Exe utility program in the Windows PE tools has options /nt52 (ntldr) and /nt60 (Vista and up) to store a ntldr or Vista boot record in the first sector of a specified partition.