fibaro roller shutter manual

Menu and Z-Wave network inclusion, after the B-button or S1 push button triple click, are still active.
Once the Local Protection is activated, the module stops responding to S1 and S2 push buttons.In other words, it can control any device that is powered by an AC electric motor.Technical Data: Power Source 110V 230V /-10 50/60Hz, Output power up to 1kW, Conforms to UE regulations:EN55022 (radio wave interference EN61000-6 (safety of use Overheating protection: safety off at 105oC, Ambient temperature: 10oC 40oC, To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes Ø 50mm, Radio.Opening a contact in a device connected to S2 terminal will always result in stopping a motor in current position.Gate motor should be connected to Q1 and Q2 terminals according to installation diagram.The new version has the largest terminal for accepting two cable.5mm2, which makes installing FGR-222 easier.Installation of the device: Switch off the mains voltage (disable the fuse).If a direct communication attempt fails, the device will try to establish a routed communication, through other modules, which will be signalled by visual indicator pulsing yellow.Data is sent to the main Z-Wave controller,.g.Roller blind positioning calibration There are 5 procedures of calibrating a Fibaro Roller Shutter to choose from.Change parameter 50 to 1 in order to enable Scene Activation functionality.
Holding up button connected to the S1 terminal initiates slats rotation.
In this mode, time to turn off the Roller Shutter relays after reaching a limit switch is set to 3 seconds and cannot be modified.
To add the device to the Z-Wave network manually : Connect power supply to the device Place the rgbw Controller within the direct range of your Z-Wave controller Set the main controller in add mode (see the controllers manual) Quickly, three times press the B-button or switch.
By default, time of transition between extreme positions is set to 1 500 ms (1.5 seconds).
Available settings: 0 Blind position reports sent to the main controller using Z-Wave Command Class.
2nd association group: Holding up button connected to the S1 terminal will move the connected roller blind up and after 1 second delay it will initiate up movement in associated Roller Shutters or will send Turn On command frame to the devices associated in 2nd association.
This gives you precise control of the blinds position or the angle of a venetian blind.Roller Shutter 2 FGR-222, product Highlights: Power metering function, Built-in Z-Wave network range tester, Unique, garage gate ufs directcom 2.0 full cracked.rar controller mode, Ultra precise roller blind and Venetian blind positioning, Remote software update, Smallest device of that type in the world.Default setting: 1 Parameter size: 1 byte.Up and down no Problem but how I can control the lamella angel directly and precice?!Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 allows for connecting push buttons to the S1 and S2 terminals.Length of wires used to connect the control switch should not exceed 20m.After 2 seconds the device will retry to establish a direct communication with the main controller, which will be signalled with visual indicator pulsing green.1 or the B-button Wait for the removing process to end Successful removing will be confirmed by the Z-Wave controllers message fibaro Roller Shutter 2 has a built-in Z-Wave network main controllers range tester.Any new association order given while any association commands are already being sent to devices, cancels previous one.Association (linking devices) direct control of other devices within the Z-Wave system network.g.Visual indicator glowing green Roller Shutter 2 communicates with the main controller directly.