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Improved version of the "Flying Height Mod" (changed cruising height of all air units).
To enable DirectX 9 - please start "UP1.5 Settings" in the Launcher after installation.#other buildings AND units: - A new Missile Defense System: * Radar - detects for incoming missiles and plays a loud alert siren when enemy's missile is launched, * Anti-Missile Defense - launches an anti-missile from range: 45, * Mobile Anti-Missiles Launcher, - New Missile.Blocked the "Quit" and "Quit to Desktop" buttons in Multiplayer Games, to minimize the risk of issues that may be caused by the Host Quit.Added empireearth2 and empireearth2aos protocols (needed for example for Windows 10 Toast Notifications).Some new textures for epoch 15 buildings, imported from the Iwanicki's Realistic Mod.Are you sure you want to flag this story?Vbs for easier patch configuration.Txt including a way to disable UP1.5 units/buildings - works in MP games.
Unfortunately on the full-screen map it's still player's color.
Players in the same game get the same session ID which is sent with the game statistics.
Cant make roads anymore, that was a great addition that was unique to the empire earth series.
Improved the Super icbm explosion effects.
Improved fixes for Maximization problems (Solution 1 in the Maximization Helper has a function to kill problematic programs).
Added displaying of the problematic programs list in the Maximization Helper Solution 1 tooltip.Included "sh" from /linux - an automatic EE2 on Linux installation script created by Rem_BlofBlufWuf.Built-in Music Player (EE2Amp hotkey: ctrlaltshiftf12 1 sample song.An appropriate message is displayed when the action is blocked.Added the "Maximization Helper * The Helper will start automatically if your OS is Windows 8 /.1 / 10; * The Helper helps you to solve maximization problems with game; * It has a built-in Chat, so you can easly get help, when.More "Basic Starting Forces citizen options available to select: 0, 1, 30, 50, 75, 100.The enemy won't attack the "Tree of Life and "Tree of Death" automatically, - Fixed Sniper is missing the target bug, - New models for: Hangar (epoch 15 Outpost (epoch 14 and 15 Transport Aircraft (epochs 13, alternate firmware for linksys 14, 15 - Stronger Hero Tanks and.Not even worth doing a single level of campaign being as Empire earth 2 has so much more content.Updated UP1.5 launchers: * Full support for Windows 10; * Even more intelligent behaviour; * Special splash screens music for special events (like Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.).