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As the story progresses the first 100 pages or so are almost entirely devoted to reunions and the varied reactions Voyager's crewmembers have to returning home.
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Instead of being feted, the crew is almost an afterthought, quickly dismissed to pick up the threads of the lives they left behind.It was very easy game hp cross tipe d2t to despise the awful Admiral Montgomery who first dismissed the crew and then set about imprisoning some of them.This was extremely effective as a plot devise.It all begins when the omnipotent being Q crashes the festivities, declaring himself best man and bringing along an unwilling guest as a surprise for the groom.Showing results for: Available For Sale Now, planet earth all episodes filter results by: Popular Features 1,154 Bestsellers 1,859 Books with Reading Group Guides 35 Coming Soon 49 Common Core Suggestion 22 Common Core Text Exemplar 1,296 New Releases, category 2,236 Biography Autobiography 671 Body, Mind Spirit 985 Business.In some cases, the reunions, promotions and partings are bittersweet as the major characters attempt to come to terms both with their reception and the profound changes that have taken place in their absence.Title : Star Trek: Voyager, Homecoming, author : Christie Golden, release Date : June 2003.Filmography, jump to: Actress, self, archive footage, edit, personal Details.
Harry Kim is reunited with his lost love Libby Webber, but what Harry is unaware of is that Libby is now a covert operative for Starfleet Intelligence.
Pretty convenient that he just happened to be in the neighborhood.
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Golden's repeated use of the many variations of a lump in my throat soon became tiresome.
Cast: Ruth Gordon (as "Mrs.Homecoming and, the Farther Shore did satisfy in that respect in some ways but as I read these two novels, I found myself becoming increasingly dismayed with each passing chapter with the direction the story was taking and the overall plot.I hoped that author Christie Golden would tie up some lose ends left by the series finale and start the crew on a bold new direction now that they have returned home.What B'Elanna learns on Boreth makes her decide to undertake the Challenge of Spirit and Tom returns to Earth with their daughter where the very bored Doctor agrees to help with the baby during B'Elanna's potentially extended absence.Libby has been assigned to rekindle her relationship with Harry in order to flush out that mole.That was a mistake of mine.Things soon deteriorate even further as Seven and Icheb are also arrested under suspicion of somehow being involved in the Borg transformations.Everyone has different tastes in what they find enjoyable but I myself do not pick up a Star Trek novel and expect to read about horrific abuse, the torture of innocents and paranoia at a level that allows all that is so positive about Gene.References, edit, characters, edit, henri Bonnaire, rose Bonnaire.I can only hope that whatever that story is, it will be more satisfying and enjoyable to read than this one was.Janeway is able to have the Doctor reactivated but is unable to have him released.