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Draw Movements, lockdown mode allows you to lock user-specfied sections of the app from unauthorized access, while allowing access to other parts.
Mac OS X: rough guide paris cafe music * Apple Mac Oeopard (10.5 or higher) * Intel CPU 1 GHz or equivalent * XGA 1024x MB RAM Memory * 50MB Disk, windows: * Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 * 32 64 bit drivers * XGA 1024x.
Choose from Luminairs included library of DMX fixtures, or use the simple, intuitive fixture creation tool to create a new custom profile for your fixture.
Luminair is the ultimate lighting control tool for live entertainment, film/tv production, architecture, and for anyone else who works with creative lighting.Contact our sales department, well get back to you very soon.Pixelnode is a plug-in that enables lighting and multimedia designers to turn Apples Quartz Composer into a powerful live media-server, controllable via DMX lighting consoles.This makes it instantly compatible with tons of existing hardware and software on the market.Play back the sequence either from a button alongside other scenes, or within Sequnces mode.Faders Luminairs scenes view displays a list of customizable buttons that you can tap to activate different looks.The patch list feature allows the Emulation operator to go on stage and conveniently set the address on each fixture having all the information shown on the iPhone.This feature enables you to trigger cues from backstage or while you are up in the rig!Luminairs UI was carefully crafted to scale to all device resolutions for a familiar experience no matter the device.Midi Learn mode can also be enabled in the action menu.
Youll be able to unlock the power of SweetLights features in just a few minutes, and start creating exceptional lighting animations, observable in our 3D visualization.
Wireless connectivity allows you to be unchained from your gear.
Trigger a specific Luminair scene or sequence when entering or leaving a region based upon GPS hardware location.Multi-Platform - DMX512A ArtNet - Industry-Standard Cuelists - midi Control Surfaces - 100 Touch Screen Compatible - 2000 Personality Files - iphone PDA Remote Controllable - Multi-language - Clipboard Undo, multi-Platform, you can use Emulation on your preferred platform; it is available on Mac.Choose a profile from Luminairs library of over 500 fixtures, or use the intuitive fixture profile creation tool in the add menu to create your own.10 3ch RGB led fixtures can be regarded as 1 fixture) - Unlimited Groups and Sub-masters - 64 Playback Faders 64 Playback Buttons - USB Joystick support - midi Controller support, also with fader feedback for motorized faders (e.g.For use with Capture Atlas).Capture DMX snapshots from another console using the Art-Net input-port.HD Visuals, quartz Composer can output full screen video and graphics in multiple formats and resolutions, so you can have full HD quality visuals beautifully rendered on projection systems, LED video walls and curtains, and flat-panel displays.MSC MTC* iBeacons* Trigger sequences and scenes via midi Show Control (MSC) and midi Timecode (MTC) Input.