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Blurred Lines Ryo Akiyama, along with several other odd elements, like episode 24, "Of Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time" from Digimon Fusion, take part in giving the Digimon franchise a blurred continuity between the series.This is a Biblical reference pulled from the book of Revelations that refer to the number six hundred and sixty six as the mark of the beast.Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure is wonderful for kids, though it bores me to sleep.Raci (96) : e-mail: 11:00:47 maplestory failed to game info Silent Hill: Downpour Vmna papa.Raci (96) : e-mail: 11:03:54 Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends the V Vmna papa.Raci (96) : e-mail: 16:57:30 Gran Turismo 5 Vmna papa.This was done because of the terrorist attacks that occurred in the USA September 11, 2001.Raci (96) : e-mail: 16:16:28 Time and Eternity Vmna papa.
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