damage meter patch 3.0

Group 5 cars and BMW M1 tweaked rain tyres heat and sensitivities to prevent them from overheating in light rain.
There are unique item sets available only within Halls of Fabrication which grant unique, group-based PvE bonuses.
Rebalanced the heating and wear across all four tyre sets.Heating is now more even front to rear.You can now enable buff and debuff trackers!There are four item sets available as drops in the new Trial, Halls of Fabrication.Added support for Multiplayer Quick Random to also join in-progress sessions * New Xbox One added an Online Browse feature whereby the player can browse for specific lobbies.
An ominous prophecy and an insidious plot threaten all of Vvardenfellcan you save the island from a looming disaster?
New Class: The Warden, wardens have a strong set of abilities focused on supporting their allies, but they can also focus their skill selection and morphs on solo combat.
Infector, war Maiden, warrior-Poet.Online * New Friends sony s500 firmware update Leaderboards players can now toggle between viewing ALL and friends only on the leaderboards screen.Check out this article from ZOS to get access to the early launch date.Fixed the issue where the view in the Oculus Rift froze when returning to the main menu after a race.Formula C dropped the AI ability in the rain a bit more for this car, as the AI was still too fast in the rain.Ice Aura Reduce the effectiveness of snares applied to you.Note: All Battlegrounds currently restrict Champion Points.Frozen Retreat Summon an ancient portal up to 28 meters away with a 5-meter radius.Frozen Armor Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 500 for each Winters Embrace ability slotted.Fixed an issue with pre-DLC save games not unlocking DLC career content.DLC Career Contract support the game now supports the addition of career contracts for new DLC vehicles so that players can use applicable cars in their core career series.The Champion Point cap has been raised by a total of 30 points for a maximum of 630 Champion Points.This skill line helps you weather your enemies blows with abilities such as Frost Cloak or Crystallized Shield and even allows you to heal yourself via Arctic Wind.