cs 1.6 bunny hop plugin

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Postcount, any, greater than Less than Equal.SMA: * * Author: Cheesy Peteza * Date: 22-Apr-2004 (updated 2-March-2005) * * * Description: Enable bunny hopping in Counter-Strike.Famas, five-SeveN, g3SG1, galil, galil AR, glock-18.Cvars: pmbok ita 4 pdf * bh_enabled 1 to enable this plugin, 0 to disable.Map Attributes, cS:GO Attributes, prefabs, custom, default.
Knives, m3, m4A1, m4A1-S, m4A4, mAC-10, mAG-7 MP5 MP7 MP9 Nova Other P2000 P228 P250 P90 PP-Bizon Pistols R8 Revolver Rifles scar-20 SG 550 SG 552 SG 553 SMGs SSG 08 Sawed-Off Scout Sniper Rifles TMP Tec-9 UMP-45 USP USP-S XM1014 CS:GO Combat Surf Mapping.
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Rating, all Ratings9 to 108 to 97 to 85 to 7Unrated.bh_autojump If set to 1 players just need to hold down jump to bunny hop (no skill required) * bh_showusage If set to 1 it will inform joining players that bunny hopping has been enabled * and how to use it if bh_autojump enabled.Order, postUpdated, date Added, any TimeTodayThis WeekLast 2 weeksThis MonthLast 3 MonthsLast 6 MonthsThis Year.Requirements: amxmodX.16 or greater * * #include amxmodx #include engine #define FL_waterjump (1 11) / player jumping out of water #define FL_onground (1 9) / At rest / on the ground public plugin_init register_plugin Super Bunny Hopper "1.2 "Cheesy Peteza "1.2 fcvar_server).Downloads, any,0005,00010,00050,000100,000, greater than Less than Equal.AnyYesNo, featured, anyYesNo, nSFW (Not Safe For Work!Views, any greater than Less than Equal.Weapons, aK-47, aUG, aWP, cZ75-Auto, desert Eagle, dual Berettas.Bunny, hop, maps for, counter, strike : Global Offensive cS :GO) Need Help Working On LoveLive SIF Modpack Plz; -; 1 hour ago.Csgo Counter - Strike : Global Offensive.One is made for metamod called Bunnyjump Plugin.12 Bunnyjump Plugin.12 Download Link.#2 #3 Here are photos of my MkIII 5C collet chuck.