crate gxt 212 manual

An exact diagram would be great if possible, (all the sources online lead to no file) but I'll do the best I can with the other drawing.
Those factory presets, by the way, ably mirror the history of guitar rock, since Crate has rounded up most of the usual suspects in selecting their 16 amp models.
In addition to the requisite Fender, Marshall, Vox, and Boogie flavors, theres a Hiwatt DR, a couple of pedals (a Fuzz Face and a Boss AC-1 Acoustic Simulator) and most immodestly, five Crate amps and one, ampeg.GX-120HA, gX-140C, gX-20M, gX-30M, gX15CA, gX15RCA, gX212CA.Touch Wah was a nice surprise, creating wicked vowelizing on distorted settings and clean popped bubble exclamations with a minimum of knob tweaks.And thanks to Profiler's dual battery and AC power capability, you can take all those great tones with you anywhere.Click to enlarge, filed Under: amplifiers Tagged: amplifiers, crate, guitars, reviews.The 2 filter caps will probably get changed as a general key metasploit pro full taringa rule while I have the board out.Some basics remain, but I hope to widen my knowledge on this kind of equipment.I went right to the mosfets, both were shorted.
If the PS is the problem, a shorted rectifier diode or bridge is WAY more likely than a shorted filter cap.
Programming the, dX-212 is so simple that the well written manual is hardly ever needed.
Reply With", 09:14 AM #27 Good links for those that have not used or heard of a Dim Bulb Tester.
Parts ordered from Mouser should be here this week.You May Also Like.Thanks to all that gave he help on this amp, it's really appreciated.I don't see a relay in the power supply, so that's not an issue.I know the BX is not that old, and hopefully the filters are fine.Paste was only used on a small transistor held down by the heat sink The mosfet used 'Si pads which I read it was not recommended that thermal paste to be used.Also included are stereo line out and line in jacks for an effect loop or connection to an external amp.