cracks in tongue health

For more information about tongue diagnosis see Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine.
Lactose intolerance: This may cause a sour milk odour when eating dairy-based foods.
The size and number of spots, as well as the depth of their colour, tells us the severity of the disharmony.
If you want to observe peoples tongues ask them to show their tongue for about 15 or 20 seconds otherwise it gets uncomfortable and will also start to turn purple.Figure 1 : This patient's tongue is very pale confirming her diagnosis of coldness (or yang deficiency) and some Blood deficiency. .A thin tongue body can mean a lack of body fluids.Observing small differences in colour can be important, cheats for grand theft auto 3 so having as much light as possible is imperative.Tonsil stones give off a foul odour and lead to very bad speed rivals repack direct link crack fix need for breath.Want to know if you have bad breath?If the tongue looks redder than normal, this shows the presence of heat.When I was young my doctor used to look at mine.A black hairy tongue (pictured right) occurs when papillae - finger-like projections on the surface of the tongue - fail to exfoliate normally.
Medication that reduces immunity: It leaves the body less capable of limiting growth of bacteria.
The Chinese regard the tongue as an internal organ, and believe that it reflects the health of the Zang-Fu organs.
Certain types of sulphur-producing-bacteria emit noxious smelling waste composed of sulphur compounds.
RED-purple tongue, this is a stage further on from the red tongue.Tongues which are more uneven can hide more bacteria, which leads to bad breath, he said.It is, of course, difficult to judge what is abnormal unless you know what a normal tongue looks like.Shape, a tongue can become swollen and may have tooth marks around the edge.A child's tongue can usually be regarded as a normal tongue: it should be fresh pink, have an even and symmetrical shape, have no cracks or spots, and should be topped with a thin coating quake 3 arena full iso of moisture.Perform the diagnosis through tongue first thing in the morning, before you have brushed your teeth, reveals the coating in its full glory.Severe cracking: Deficiency of Kidney Yin.Distribution OF coating The distribution of the coating shows the location of the disharmony in the body.