china crackdown on foreigners

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In a bid to crack down on the abuse, the Communist Party has ordered random drug tests in bars and clubs.
Maggie Farley, "China Tries to Control Nation's Migrant Workers Los Angeles Times, December 26, 1995.According to Chinese authorities, the government must "exclude foreigners entering China in search of high salaries and a low cost of living." Unskilled foreigners seeking to work will be denied work permits.For a round-up of our weekly stories, subscribe to the WeGov mailing list.Please read our comment policy., the Fix.One Chinese city, Xiamen is honoring ten outstanding youths from among the city's 300,000 migrant workers.Personal Democracy Media is grateful to the Omidyar Network and the UN Foundation for their generous support of techPresident's WeGov section.
In another rumor crackdown, officials arrested but have not yet publicly tried Dong Liangjie, an owner of a water purifying system who spread rumors that six major water supply systems across the country harbored traces of contraceptive medicine that could impact fertility.
Today marks China's first public trial of an online "rumormonger" convicted of spreading false information via China's popular micro-blogging service Weibo.
One user, Zhuo Yuexiong who has around 400,000 followers on Weibo, told the South China Morning Post, "Their words sound very official, much more filtered than before.".
Currently, about 85 percent of the migrant workers in Henan have the certificates.
The cities of Shanghai and Canton (Guangzhou) are also expected to raze migrant ghettos.
His arrest for marijuana possession in China could have been a high profile example of this new trend.The arrest of the high profile cases was more a case of raising public awareness and building support for the government crackdown.Shenzhen is a special economic zone in Guangdong province, which borders Hong Kong's live for speed s2 setup crack 0.6b New Territories, that relies on cheap migrant labor to attract foreign investment.Many of the families of the crash victims had been insulted by the compensation figure.Chinese Communist Party officials are being accused of using a crackdown on illegal drug abuse as a tactic for targeting foreigners for eviction.According to China's state-run paper, Xinhua, the accused netizen, Qin Zhihui, confessed to accusations today that he had spread a rumor that the Chinese government provided 200 million yuan (32.3 million) in compensation to the family of a foreigner killed in the high-speed train crash.The army claimed that the ghetto was a slum that harbored criminals."Control Family Planning Strengthened among Migrant Workers Xinhua manuel d utilisation golf 4 pdf News Agency, December 15, 1995.Chinese officials say that migrancy makes it difficult to carry out family planning.China's 250 million urban residents are required to obtain permission from neighborhood officials before having a child.