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SAP flow measuremnts, sap flow rates of three seedlings of each species were measured simultaneously by the heat balance technique devised by Sakuratani (1981 using stem flow gauge models SGA5 and SGA10 (Dynamax Inc., Houston, TX/USA depending upon stem diameter.
Thus, the complexity increase in the sap flow dynamics could be an adaptive response in order to hold stable the transpiration process.
Houston: Dynamax Inc., 82p.
Links pincus SM AND goldberger.Michael Delahoyde, book Reviews, teaching Lives: Essays and Stories by Wendy Bishop (review).Browse Literature Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature.This study showed that ApEn could be used as a helpful tool to assess slight changes in temporal dynamics of physiological data, and to uncover some patterns of plant physiological responses to environmental stimuli.A heat balance method for measuring water flux in the stem of intact plants.However, their determinism allows accurate predictions in the short term, although long-term predictions are not possible.
Treatments, seedlings were grown in a greenhouse at the Department of Biological Sciences, esalq/USP, Piracicaba, Brazil (2242S, 4738W, 546 m of altitude).
This complexity increase tendency was also observed in the stomatal conductance dynamics of Beta vulgaris and Helianthus annus under water deficit (Souza.
However, the relevant dynamic regimes of recurrent networks are highly sensitive to noise; that is, chaotic.
Irregularity and asynchrony in biologic network signals.
Periodicity and chaos in a photosynthetic system.A statistical feature of genetic sequences.O estudo mostrou que ApEn pode ser usada como um método para detectar pequenas alterações na dinâmica temporal de dados fisiológicos, e revelar alguns padrões de respostas fisiológicas a estímulos ambientais.1997, Hütt.Plants were subjected to water deficits by withholding irrigation during 72 hours.1993, Shabala.The dashed line shows the neural variance before training: because the input clamps network activity, stimulus onset also produced a decrease in the variance, but it rapidly increased after stimulus offset.84-86, jeffrey Cain "Renaissance" Talk: Ordinary Language and the Mystique of Critical Problems by Stanley Stewart (review).Links HÜTT M-TH, rascher U, becnd LÜttge.Links krempask J, smrcinovÁ M AND ballo.93-97 Gaye McCollum The Shape of Fear: Horror and the Fin de Siècle Culture of Decadence by Susan.Oscillations of whole-plant transpiration in moonlight rose.Stem segments were slightly sanded and a thin 2002 dodge ram 1500 parts manual layer of silicone grease (Dow Corning 4, Dow Corning Corp., MI/USA) was applied on the surface to improve contact between the tissue and the heater.Am J Physiol 264: R638-R646.