browning sweet 16 manual

Safe gun handling does not stop with your gun's o'reilly perl cookbook pdf mechanical "safety" devices it starts there.
These books are no longer available from the author / publisher.
Know the range of your ammunition.
1 Full rearward on the operating handle and draw the breech bolt rearward where it will remain locked back.Inspect THE chamber, feed mechanism AND maga- zine TO make sure they DO NOT CON- tain ANY shells.The bolt release button is still provided to close the action on an empty chamber, if desired.TOO much pressure could cause THE wood TO split.I 12 Gauge Invector-Plus Rim Notches Pattern With Lead Shot Pattern With Steel Shot Knurled X-Full Turkey Special t I Full t li Imp.
Leading will appear as dull longitudinal streaks and is usually more predominate near the muzzle and just forward key crack kav 2013 of the chamber.
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4 With the left hand maintaining rearward pres- sure against the barrel to the point where the front end of the barrel extension is even with or slightly inside of the front end of the re- ceiver (See Figure 4 replace the forearm over the.
It is desirable to utilize the setting for heavy loads as long as the mechanism functions properly.
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