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Addressed an issue where Gaiges One Two Boom orb could not be exploded by E-Tech weapons.
Increased Explosion Size for Flakker.
DLC offers from Steam have been added to the in-game DLC menu.
Permanent Hot Fixes, addressed an issue where the Psychos Blood Blister class mod modified the Boiling Blood skill, instead of Blood Bath.Modified installation script to install Microsoft Visual C 2008 Redistributable.Permanent Hot-Fix to fix an issue in which Zero's deception ability will not activate properly when triggering the skill while firing and reloading a Tediore SMG.Dahl SMGs have increased Stability, increased number of shots fired for Boneshredder.Players now have the option to choose a Camera-Based driving control setting.All items will now have impact audio when dropped from inventory or in the world.(Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 DLC) Addressed an issue where the Butcher shotgun reload would go out of sync for clients.
Further corrected the alignment of holographic sights on pistols.
Addressed an issue where Raving Retribution projectiles would sometimes cause damage to Krieg.
Addressed an issue where enemies could be healed by rockets if they were downlable driver update wlan for windows 7 near a Siren using Restoration.Gun-based splash damage will now scale correctly.Permanent Hot-Fix to fix an issue with some weapons having low DoTs applied.Secret Bonus (pseudo Critical Ascensi0n) for Morningstar upgraded Increased effectiveness of Twister Bandit Assault rifles have increased Clip Size Tediore pistols have increased Magazine Size Increased Critical Damage for Lady Fist Maliwan Rocket Launchers have increased Reload Speed and Status Effect Chance Increased Damage and.Badass stats will no longer display multiples of the same choice when selecting a Badass Rank stat bonus.Increased Explosion Size for Cobra, increased Explosion Size for Boom Puppy.Tweaks to improve performance while navigating menu screens.General Various balance refinements and tweaks, with special attention given to Maya to make her more in-line with the other characters.Addressed an issue with The Bee shield applying incorrect damage when using explosive weapons.Increased Number and Damage of Bunny Bombs for Bunny.Permanent Hot-Fix to fix an issue in which skrakks can deform when running PhysX.Addressed an issue where Deathmark and Thoughtlock FX would display incorrectly on some enemies.