arma 2 patch 1.14

5184 - Fixed: AI units in safe mode could randomly stop 5190 - Fixed: Bad object ID after loading a game - caused frequent crashes when loading Rahmadi Conflict saves.
Die Updates installieren sich seperat zur "Vollversion" - ArmA2 kann also weiterhin mit oder ohne den neuesten Beta-Patch gestartet werden.
FIX (ammo land mines - increased indirect hit range and reduced hit value * FIX thomson tg585v7 upgrade wizard (ammo Grenades and Flares deflection reduced to half * FIX (weapons Unloaded Javelin will not show optics attachment to avoid view blocking in most of the moves.This application will update ArmA: Armed Assault to full version.14.OpenAL will be updated during the patch process to version.0.3.5170 - Fixed: Recoil was working badly (moving in unexpected directions) when fps was low.It is multiplayer map designed for 1 up to 32 players.5234 - Fixed: For players in driver and gunner position of the vehicle, obsolete network transfer was generated 5240 - Fixed: More than 64 players can use VoN now.5232 - Fixed: Reduced network traffic caused by hovering seagulls.5209 - Fixed: AI was unable to destroy empty targets on Destroy WP using full auto weapons (mguns, cannons).5211 - Fixed: Improved airplane turn dynamics, including improved rudder dynamics model and fixed auto coordination.
5170 - Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server (several KB per a mission played).
5209 - New: nearTargets now returns approximate assumed position accuracy as well.
5211 - Fixed: AI detected IR / radar targets very late compared to human players.
5196 - Fixed: Improved dynamic range handling for vehicle interior sounds (reduces their loudness) 5196 - New: Added difficulty option NetStats (MP score allowing minecraft 1.4 6 cracked hunger games server disabling of scoreboard functionality.
How to run the Patch: You can run your existing ArmA normally, your version was updated.
5249 - Fixed: Reduced commit charge, esp.
5179 - Fixed: VoN loudness is sometimes not matching selected voice channel (too quiet on Global channel or too loud on Direct channel).5215 - Fixed: Possible low framerate when rendering with a large viewdistance (introduced in 5180) 5217 - Improved: Water rendering now uses LOD for finer wave animation and better performance with large viewdistances.'YOU CAN BUY AND download arma: gold edition (THE original game armed assault / combat operations including THE official expansion pack queen'S gambit) version.08 NOW directly from THE developers AT M'.5245 - Fixed: AI unable to board boats in water(introduced.11) 5246 - Improved: Mouse ballistics allowing for more precise aiming.5178 - Experimental: Depth only pass used to reduce pixel shader load on some GPUs.5231 - Fixed: VoN - Direct channel volume is louder now.5170 - Fixed: AI was sometimes unable to move when seeing enemy very near.5226 - Fixed: VoN - Unable to hear other players issue.To start ArmA Warfare game, start multiplayer mission as usual.5241 - Optimized: one foot in the grave jeaniene frost pdf Reduced CPU load of shore area rendering.5241 - Fixed: Paused streaming sounds resumed from a bad position after Alt-Tab or after resuming the game from pause.5249 - Fixed: Grenade launcher did not respect soldier animation, always fired in the straight direction.