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Not if other classes can do 3-4x more dmg.I think it's quite okay that one spec isn't dominating all ranges of DPS, so while it's annoying that multi-shot isn't even comparable to beast cleave or sometimes arguably serpent spread's mechanicism (even though that's weak as well the fact that Chimera Shot hits like.My single target DPS is awesome and my two target DPS is pretty much unbeatable so i am happy there.Again the problem comes around 3-6 targets.That's called poor balance.I've never seen anybody do 3-4X more damage on minolta dynax 5xi instruction manual AoE.
I wrote that guide (and crafted the suggestion for 7 targets Multi-Shot).
I know that Chimaera Shot does cleave for two targets and Kill shoting can only go so far on a 10 second cooldown.
How much do you pull on 6 mob groups?
Jokes aside it seems like Blizzard didn't stop to consider how bad MM aoe would be without wild quiver.Originally Posted by, bigbamboozal, intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.I know I azy to think hunters these days still use traps, but I am ole school Last edited by akaTheDude; at 02:28.Spamming MultiShots with TotH paretologic pc health advisor crack 3.1 3 procs combined with Bombardment is extremely satisfying however the numbers do not translate.Meanwhile our Frost mage bursts upwards 150k on 2-pack pulls(record something like 230k on 3rd boss of ubrs in CM when the packs of whelps are appearing from the gate and DK tank gripping).Big Picture 4,200 discussion threads, steam Broadcasting 3,318 discussion threads, steam Hardware 3,112 discussion threads.Steam Family Sharing 6,484 discussion threads, steamVR 5,729 discussion threads, steam In-Home Streaming 5,677 discussion threads.I'm taking a break from raiding right now though and in 5man heroics it hardly matters.I believe this is all the result of some number crunching basically saying that Multishot simply Doesn't put out as much damage until 7 or more targets are involved.Hunter AOE has never been about "Prioritising" targets.Reply With", 09:40 PM #3, originally Posted by, azortharion, it seems wrong because Blizzard is fucktarded and thought that Multi-Shot should still hit like a wet noodle, but it is entirely correct.Reply With", 10:14 PM #5.