american dad episode 101

Upset about his lack of support, Francine opens a muffin shop without his approval and gives Stan a taste of life without a housewife.
" American Stepdad " November 18, 2012 7AJN Roger marries Stan's mother, and becomes Stan's stepfather.Meanwhile, Roger and Steve set up a makeshift drive-in to try to get to first base with popular schoolgirls.Meanwhile, Roger tries to enroll in college with Hayley in order to experience college life, but while Roger ends up teaching the class, Hayley finds a new crush in her classmate Ethan, who turns out to be far from normal." Poltergasm " October 6, 2013 8AJN Francine's "Poltergasm" starts to haunt the Smith household when she is unsatisfied by Stan in the sack, and Roger must conjure a medium named Zelda Rubinstein to help eliminate the ghost." My Affair Lady " March 9, 2015 9AJN Hayley gets a new job and starts to fall for a co-worker,.Steve and his pals get a slow cooker." October 2, 2011 6AJN When a hurricane hits Langley Falls, the Smiths decide to stick it out at home and fight like mad to survive.Is A Way Better Show Than Family Guy, And Here's Why OF 28 The Best Comedy Shows About Big Families OF 141 The Best Dark Comedy TV Shows OF 387 The Best Television Shows of the 2000s OF 55 The Best Adult Swim TV Shows.Meanwhile, Stan and Roger invent an automatic cake-cutter for the Home Shopping Network, but their partnership is tested when they only make a "verbal agreement" to split the profits." Home Wrecker " May 8, 2011 6AJN Stan and Francine fight over how to redecorate the house while Steve and the guys use Barry's counting skills at a local casino.Meanwhile, Steve claims that Roger is his horribly disfigured burn-victim sister in order to gain sympathy points and "get boob" at the school dance.
When the curator of the Smithsonian Peanut Museum reaches out to tell Steve the truth, he's mysteriously murdered, and Steve and Stan are tracked by a secret society that will stop at nothing to keep this scandalous secret of American history.
Subplot involves People in the neighbourhood thinking Stan is abusive to Francine.
" Tearjerker " January 13, 2008 3AJN08 10 52 Stan and the family are characters in a Bond-style spoof when Stan must stop Tearjerker (a.k.a.
" 42-Year-Old Virgin " November 18, 2007 3AJN05 6 48 At a poker game with the guys, Stan reveals that he has never actually killed anyone.
" Buck, Wild " November 3, 2013 8AJN Steve decides to prove his manhood by accompanying Stan and his CIA cronies on their annual hunting excursion." The Unbrave One " January 8, 2012 6AJN When Steve tries to prove himself as a macho man to Stan, he follows in Roger's footsteps and tries to change himself from the outside in with a superhero persona.Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # " Father's Daze " November 7, 2016 BAJroundhog Day parody in which Stan keeps waking up on the same Father's Day." Frannie 911 " January 6, 2008 3AJN06 9 51 Francine comes up with an elaborate plan to reunite Stan and Roger after a big fight.Meanwhile, visual zip password crack Stan and Francine become "Charlie's Angels"-type airline stewardesses to thwart an evil plan by Mark Cuban who wants to blow up the sun.To buy himself some time to prepare an over-the-top celebration, he has Francine committed to an asylum.Meanwhile, Stan takes home the CIA's cloned pet, Daren the Dodo, with disastrous consequences.Season 10: Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # " Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure " September 29, 2013 8AJN Thwarted in their efforts to secure dates for the upcoming high school prom, Steve and Snot turn to the CIA's.