amdek color 300 user manual

Programs Commodore's famous public domain set (disk).
1isk drive device 9 Nice performance tested Commodore xbox 360 xploder product keygen 1541 floppy disk drive configured to be a second disk drive!24 SuperScript 64 (Precision Software) New unopened package of the word processor made by the same company that made Superbase.Partner 64 (Timeworks) Fast loading cartridge with built-in calculator, address book, scheduler, screen dump, typewriter/memo pad and label maker!Allows you to plug a microphone into your Commodore 64 and 128 via the user port.Appears to be somewhat similar to Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego.Comes with copy of software for allowing some of your existing text-based programs and games to have speech!Also, we take great care to test and verify that the used hardware which we sell is in good operational condition.79 Plus/4 power supply Used power supply for Commodore Plus.Includes software and documentation.
Ages 10 and above.
99 64 Parts units Incomplete defective Commodore circuit boards.
Call or email for availability and price.
Game consoles are popular with all adults ages 18-46, 63 of whom own these devices.
17 Printmaster Plus New.
These joysticks work with Commodore 64, 128, Vic 20 as well as the Amiga, Atari ST, Atari 8 bit computers and the Atari 2600 game system.
Create and save kaleidascopes!37 tested or 27 untested.Has minor cosmetic blemish.Email for availability Magnavox to RGB monitor cable 8 pin male DIN to 9 pin male "D" connector.Add 69 extra for good keyboard or 29 for imperfect (flawed) AS IS keyboard.27 Commodore Gazette disk grab bag Back issues of the Commodore Gazette monthly disk.If you want to purchase a Commodore 64 from us without the power supply please make sure that you have a power supply which hasn't damaged your previous Commodore.3.5" disk case New plastic disk case with flip up top holds approximately.5" disks.Email for price and availability Turbo Load and Save cartridge with Wordpro Includes fastloading and saving cartridge and a nice word processing program for Commodore.