agilent waveform generator 33120a manual

The DSP is able to generate complex and arbitrary functions.
Use the arrow keys to edit individual digits.
In general, it is a good practice to measure the amplitude of the waveform using a Digital Multimeter (DMM) or an oscilloscope instead of relying on the function generator display reading.
The generator can be remotely programmed and read by computer via a General Purpose Interface Board (gpib).Ext Function generator is set for an external modulation source (AM, FSK, Burst).Enter the number for the amplitude in a similar way as for the frequency described above.To set the offset voltage, select the Offset Modify Mode and enter the number for the offset voltage.The display will show sinc for about 10 seconds.
FSK FSK (frequency-shift keying) modulation is enabled.
Each station is provided with a User's Manual which can be consulted for detailed information on the more advanced functions.
Function Generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Agilent 33120A.
The default duty cycle is 50 and can be changed as follows.The function generator will display 1 : OUT term.The Agilent Technologies 33120A is a high-performance 15 MHz synthesized function generator with built-in arbitrary waveform capability.Service Guide, publication Number (order as manual set).Important is that this output resistance of the function generator has a value of 50 Ohm.First push the "enter number" key, followed keywordcheap trick live rockpalast 1983 dvd full concert by the number (see green numbers next to the keys on the front panel) and the units.To enter a command press the enter key.