ab doer twist scale instruction manual

Also, Service-Connected disability compensation, a av vcs 3.1 diamond crack 7.0.53 benefit category for military persons retired for medical reasons; see line OF duty, profile, PEB, pension, blood money, compensation.
Shitter : crude reference to a latrine, head, honey bucket, blue canoe, CAT hole, slit trench, or the like.See deactivate, EOD, UXO, booby-trap, EFP, mine, explosive.San Francisco celebrated the 40th anniversary of the summer OF love on 2 September 2007 with superannuated hippies (aka: silver-tails) blissfully imagining their "glory days".Prisoner snatches (called "seine hauling were first practiced by squads from the 18th North Carolina Infantry, under the direction of CSA Major Thomas.Super vark : refurbished XF-111 aardvark supersonic tactical fighter stol aircraft; see bird.Compare dark horse, trojan horse, RED herring, decoy, CAT'S-PAW, borden, false flag, hide, deception.Also, a radio antenna consisting of a number of components connected in a substantially vertical series; compare whip; see antenna farm, comm shack, radio, commo.Stuart : the M-5 General Stuart, also known as "Honey a small light tank having a manual turret mounted with a 37mm (squirrel GUN) main-GUN and coax machinegun (MG powered by a manually-cranked gasoline engine prone to ignite when hit, that was used early.Cf: roach, hog shaving KIT : see dopp KIT, ditty BAG.Cf: ultrasound super-trooper : rhyming slang for fugleman, a paradigm or archetype, the epitome or exemplar of the ideal MIL-pers.Also, a reserve club or restricted mess that's only open to admittance by invitation among qualified applicants; an inviolably private retreat or secular sanctum.
The phrase GI JOE (qv) was coined by stars AND stripes.
Secstate : SECretary of state, being the head and chief administrator of the.S.
On, the Army Nurse Corps (ANC existing since the spanish-american WAR, and the Women's Army Corps (WAC) were admitted to full military status by Congress.
Características generales del programa.
La implementación del Plan ha sido progresiva y el desarrollo en las distintas áreas se ha dado de manera desigual, de modo tal que no se ha logrado un aumento suficiente de la cobertura, calidad y oportunidad de las atenciones como para que sea valorado.See cold steel, saber, long knife, OLD wrist breaker, mameluke sword, carry swords, cross swords, saber-rattling, AT swords' points, PUT TO THE sword, measure swords, waster, wooden sword.Somalia : the Somali Democratic Republic was formed (1960) by the merger of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland; see Operation restore hope.Nb: the deck of a ship is slightly convex or cambered so as to shed water Also, any similar drain at the edge of an exposed floor or bulwark, valved or vented, used for the exterior disposal of excess water, such as in a parapet.SEA BAG :.S.Sigma was disbanded in 1971 when 5th SFG departed Vietnam.SUA : (forthcoming.S.Singlet : a sleeveless undershirt or athletic jersey, which has a loose neckline and shoulder-straps, as usually worn by men; a tank-top or wife beater; see T-shirt, skivvies, dress.Side-straddle HOP : see jumping jack.