2009 pontiac vibe manual transmission problems

Many new readers have been asking me for car advice recently, and there have also been some useful discussions on the matter in the Money Mustache Forum.
The latest model is pretty new, however, so its one of the most expensive options here (about 12,000 for a 2009 with 36k miles).
Automatic transmissions have only a single shift lever.
Average: Mini Cooper (2008-2009 Chrysler Neon (2004-2005 Hyundai Accent(2004-2005 Kia Rio, Spectra (2009 Nissan Cube (2009 Nissan Sentra (2001-2006 Nissan Versa (2007-2009 Subaru Forester (1999-2002 Subaru Impreza (1999-2009 Suzuki Esteem (1999-2002 Suzuki Verona (2004-2006).If the car is in first gear, for instance, they don't want you to turn the key and lurch the car through your garage door.Since these are North American classifications, where even a Small car is big enough to fit five of me comfortably (just over 60 and 180 lbs the Small category is the only one a sane person could rationally consider except in the case of very.Above Average, honda Fit (2007-2008) same as above, but there was an earlier model available during these years which isnt quite as advanced.Subaru Legacy, Outback (1999-2009) The MMM family owned a 2004 Impreza wagon for a few years.Subaru Forester (2003-2009) A tall SUV-style car with serious offroad capability.Toyota Corolla (1997-2009) this cars name is almost synonymous with practical reliability, although surprisingly it is not at the top of the list.Non-AWD models were equipped with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission, both of which yielded adequate response in traffic and fuel economy in the low 30s.
A manual transmission has two shift levers, one for the vertical movement of the shifter assembly on the transmission and one for the horizontal movement.
Hyundai Accent (2006-2009) I had one as a rental once.
What to expect: A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the source and cause of the Car not shifting into park issue, and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary.
Toyota Echo (2000-2005) This car is a dorkier looking mechanical cousin of both the Toyota Yaris and the Scion Xa Hatchback that I own.
A 2006 is worth about 6800 used, and you can even get it with a manual transmission which is a great improvement on the standard 1999 audi a6 quattro repair manual American Minivan concept.
The two best places to get this information are Consumer Reports magazine, and.
Manual transmission available if you search carefully.Failing Transmission Solenoids: Transmission Solenoids help control the flow of transmission fluid in the transmission.How this system works: Many vehicles use a cable to link the shifter handle to the transmission.Further Reading: MMM Forum discussion on efficient used cars for families.A five-speed automatic was optional on the GT, while the four-speed automatic could be added to base models.Build quality was good, with most of the interior bits and pieces sourced from Toyota.Other than the elimination of the GT and AWD models after 2007, the first-generation Pontiac Vibe received minimal changes.So I only buy Ford Trucks now.A peppy powertrain was another welcome feature.It's a safety feature.Below Average: BMW Mini Cooper (2002-2007 Chrysler Neon (2001-2003 GM Aveo (2004-2009 Hyundai Accent (2001-2003 Kia Rio and Spectra (2006-2008 Mercedes Smart Fortwo (2009 All Volkswagen Models including Diesels (1999-2006) Not Recommended: Dodge Caliber, Daewoo/GM Lanos and Optra, Ford Focus (2000-2004 all GM Saturn models.Still a great car, and the lower price makes up for the lack of bling compared to the 2009 models.A failing shifter can be difficult to put into park, or any other gear.Or worse, over someone standing between the car and the garage door.