2005 honda pilot owners manual

Can the Honda technician tell me?
Hope this helps, good luck.Why should I not believe them?Since then, there has been much advancement in both oil technology and engine design. .A: If you reset the Honda Maintenance Minder light, you reset the maintenance schedule of manual system restore point windows xp your vehicle. .Home, service Information, honda Maintenance Minder FAQs, to help vehicle owners know when scheduled maintenance is due, Honda has introduced the maintenance minder system in these models: Accord, Civic, Ridgeline Fit, parts manual for john deere l130 CR-V, Element Insight.There are a couple of things you can try:.It is very important that all recommended maintenance be completed, if more than just an oil change was necessary, your Honda dealer would be doing you a disservice by resetting the light as the light is not just an oil change indicator - it monitors.
Q: My husband and I equally share our Maintenance Minder Honda, does the system average our driving styles to determine when maintenance is due?
However, should you choose to have maintenance performed early, be sure to reset the Maintenance Minder light - this will keep the main-codes and sub-codes synchronized.
Q: How do I operate the system?
A: It will vary. .
Your Honda technician has been trained on the Honda Maintenance Minder and will use the Forced Activation mode to determine what the next recommended services are. .A: The 3,000 mile oil change is a very conservative approach to maintaining your vehicle that dates back to 1968. .Most people maintain constant driving habits; this means that mileage between maintenance will be consistent.The factory fill oil is the same as Honda Service Replacement Oil. .This indicates how many miles that the vehicle is past due for service.